MobileEdge™ Mobility Van Package

Door Opening & Closing Systems

Motor/clutch assembly; Side Door Lower Track Liner; Door Cables; Rear Hinge; Door Latch; Selenoid; Door Lock Contacts; Electric Clutch Assembly; Optic Sensor; Pulleys; Seat Base Pretensioner Switch; Door Operator Control Arm.

Electrical System

Power Wheelchair Tiedown; Power Seat Base; Limit Switches; Control Module; Delay Switch; Relays; Circuit Breakers; Wiring Harness; Remote transmitter/Receiver (excluding Batteries).

Fuel System

Filler Neck Hose; Fuel Filler Neck.

Kneel System

Dust Boot for Chain; Actuator; Torsion Spring; Actuator Chain; Limit Switches

Ramp Systems

Optic Sensor; Ramp Motor; Timing Belt; Mag Switch; Drive Screws; Ramp Release Cable Assembly; Limit Switch; Releasing 1⁄2 Nut Assembly; Gate Latch Release Assembly; Large 1⁄2 Gear; Motor/Clutch Assembly; Ramp Bearing; Ramp Cable Assembly; Lift Arm; Ramp Hinge.

Lift System

Limit Switches; Hydraulic Pump; Hydraulic Pressure Hoses and Seals; Motor and Clutch Assembly; Solenoid.

Additional Suspension Coverage

Pannard Bar; Track Bar; Suspension Bumpers; Leaf Springs; Leaf Spring Shackles & Hardware; Load Assist Shocks; Load Assist Springs; Coil Springs.
MobileEdgeTM Component Group Package

MobileEdge™ Component Group Package

Coverage includes the Mobility Van Package and gives you the following additional coverage:


Cylinder block, cylinder head(s), rotary housing and all internally lubricated parts contained within the engine, including; pistons; pistons rings; connecting rod bearings; crankshaft; crankshaft main bearings; camshaft; camshaft bearings; cam followers; timing chain or belt; timing gears, guides , tensions; rocker arms; rocker shafts; rocker bushings; cylinder head valves; valve guides; valve lifters; valve springs; valve seals; valve retainers; valve seats; push rods; water pump; fuel pump; oil pump and oil pump housing; harmonic balancer; oil pan; timing chain cover; intake and exhaust manifolds; valve covers; engine mounts; cam gear bolt; harmonic balancer bolt; head bolts; seals and gaskets.


(factory installed only) Turbocharger / Supercharger housing and all internally lubricated parts; seals and gaskets.


(automatic or standard) Transmission case and all internally lubricated parts plus: torque converter; flywheel/flex plate; vacuum modulator; electronic shift control unit; transmission cooler; transmission mounts; oil pan; throw-out bearing; seals and gaskets.

Transfer Case

Transfer case and all internally lubricated parts; seals and gaskets.

Drive Axle

(front and rear) Drive axle case; all internally lubricated parts contained within the drive axle; locking hubs; drive shafts; center support bearings; universal joints; constant velocity joints; axle bearings; four-wheel drive actuator; differential cover; seals and gaskets.


All internally lubricated parts contained within the steering box; rack, and pinion gear; power steering pump; power steering hoses; steering knuckles; pitman arm; idler arm; tie rod ends and drag link; steering dampner; upper and lower steering column shafts and couplings, including internal tilt-wheel mechanism; steering box and rack pinion gear housings;
Rear Wheel Steering: rear steering shaft and couplings; power cylinder and pump; electronic control unit solenoid; phase control unit; steper motor; steering box; control valve; rack; tie rod ends; seals and gaskets.


Master cylinder, power brake cylinder; vacuum/hydro assist booster; disc brake caliper; wheel cylinders compensation valve; brake hydraulic lines and fittings; hydraulic control unit; seals and gaskets. The following ABS parts are also covered: electronic assembly; pressure modulator/isolation dup valve; accumulator; seals and gaskets.


Alternator; voltage regulator; starter motor; starter solenoid and star4ter drive; engine compartment wiring harness; computerized timing control unit; electronic ignition module; crank angle sensor; knock sensor; ignition switch; ignition switch lock cylinder; front and rear window wiper motor; washer pump and switch; stop lamp switch; headlamp switch; turn signal switch; heater/A.C. blower speed switch; manual heater/A.C. control head; horns; 0-2 sensors.

Air Conditioner

Condensor; compressor, compressor clutch and pulley, air conditioning lines and hoses; evaporator; idler pulley and idler pulley bearing, high/low compressor cut-off switch; expansion valve; pressure cycling switch. The following parts are also covered if they are required in connection with the repair of a covered part listed above and only if they have failed: accumulator/receiver dryer; orifice tube; oil and refrigerant.

Front and Rear Suspension

Upper and lower control arms; control arm shafts and bearings or bushings; upper and lower ball joints; radius arm and bushings; torsion bars, mounts and bushings; stabilizer bar, links and bushings; struts; strut bearing plates; spindle and spindle support; wheel bearings. Variable Dampening Suspension: compressor; control module; dampening actuator; solenoid; struts; height sensor; mode selector switch; seals and gaskets.

Enhanced Electrical

Automatic climate control programmer; electronic instrument cluster; mileage computer; distributor; ignition coil; electronic combination entry system(does not include transmitters and receivers for remote locks); cruise control module, transducer, servo and amplifier; powertrain control module; headlamp motors; power window motor; powr seat motor; power mirror motor, power antenna motor/mast assembly; convertible top motor; power sunroof motor; power window switch; cruise control engagement switch; power seat switch; power mirror motor switch; rear defogger switch; power door lock actuator and switch.

Fuel Delivery

Fuel injection pump and injectors; vacuum pump; fuel tank; fuel tank sending unit; and metal fuel delivery lines.


Engine cooling fan and motor; fan clutch; belt tensioner; radiator; heater core; thermostat; blower motor; and hot water valve.

MobileEdge™ Surcharged Coverage

Please ask your Dealer for complete details on the below Surcharged Coverage.

Commercial Use – mandatory if applicable

Includes (but is not limited to) vehicles used for Farming or Ranching, Route Work, Job-Site Activities, Service or Repair Work, Delivery of Goods and Snow Removal. Certain restrictions apply, see Vehicle Service Contract for details.

Conversion Coverage – optional

Provides additional coverage for Electronics, Rear Air Conditioner and Camping Accessories. Includes CD Players, Speakers, Captain Chair Motor, Blower Motor and Switch, Refrigerator and Stove.